Ming chenghua blue and white porcelain is a famous traditional porcelain of the han nationality. The Ming chenghua dynasty lasted for 23 years, and the production of jingdezhen yuyao kiln was fully restored to normal, which was an important historical period in the firing history of han ceramics. Chenghua blue and white porcelain is the representative of the blue and white porcelain art in the middle Ming dynasty. Its outstanding characteristics are exquisite show strange, clever end work, later generations of its high evaluation.


Chenghua blue and white utensils with all kinds of small bowls, small cups in the majority, blue and white raw materials used in the equality of domestic green, quietly elegant color, with white glaze and compact matched, into a fresh and quietly elegant style.



This bowl has an open mouth, deep arc belly, full circle, white glaze applied to the whole body. It is decorated with blue and white glaze and red inside. Blue and white theme decorations are painted along the mouth and on the outer wall of the foot. The pen is delicate, the tire is fine and white, and the blue and white inside the foot are double circles. It belongs to the genuine blue and white porcelain bowl in Xuande period.




Collectable whole is tasted photograph is in good condition, the bowl body is imposed decorative pattern, blue and white dizzy scatter nature, for rare high-quality goods, can yet be regarded as a treasure. Great potential for appreciation!



Ming xian zong chenhua (1465-1487) period, chenhua blue and white using domestic equal green, the color of the blue in a slight gray green, there is no xuande blue and white in the kind of spots, the color is soft, quietly elegant and famous. At this time the color porcelain was pushed to the Ming dynasty eight times of the crown, light painted multicolored elegant peerless.



The main shape of a bottle, cup, pot, wash, bowl, plate and so on. The quality is pure, the white glaze is like fat, the color is fine, the brushwork is fluent, the modelling is beautiful, the modelling is exquisite and beautiful, the embryo body is fine and moist crystal, the color material is selected pure, the color is downy and quiet, the painting is elegant and elegant. The foetus is fine and pure, the foetus is light and thin, the foetus is neat and thick, the foetus is beautiful as jade. Bare foetus unglazed foot, yellowish brown or dark brown spots, commonly known as "paste rice bottom", for the original creation of chenghua kiln.


Cheng kiln porcelain, white clear and peaceful, glaze texture is exquisite as fat, touch aesthetic feeling incomparable, when belongs to the supreme only jingdezhen boutique. Compared with the transparent and slightly green glaze of xuan kiln, the white glaze of cheng kiln is more peaceful and warm, blue and white curtain cover, elegant and fine touch. Chenghua blue and white ware is probably the best blue and white ware in jingdezhen porcelain history. Be able to play in the hand into a good tool, become a pleasure.


Cheng kiln painting decoration simple xiuya, not artificial, the use of green materials, by the domestic equality of green and imported materials perfect ratio, fine and pure, uniform color, the effect is delicate and soft, greatly different from xuande blue and white thick green, thick pile of iron spot, it is a must.



Since the xuande period, the style of porcelain has undergone three dynasties, namely the orthodox dynasty, the jingtai period and the tianshun period, which lasted for nearly 30 years. During the period from its creation to the chenghua period, jingdezhen royal kiln factory resumed its production, and most of them have changed their vigorous and unrestrained style since the reign of yongle and xuande. At this time of the porcelain modeling linglongxiu qi, fine bones run crystal, color material selection pure, tonal downy and quiet, painting quietly elegant you wan, with its light and delicate style. Hence: "see cheng hua clearly, see yong zheng clearly".




Xuande blue and white porcelain has always been the favorite of the collection industry, and the market situation in recent years has reached new highs. For example, in 1992, there was a Xuande blue and white "water wave double dragon" high-end bowl in Hong Kong Sotheby's price of 3.08 million Hong Kong dollars. In 2007, the same Sotheby's price in Hong Kong was 35.047 million Hong Kong dollars, which increased 11 times in 15 years. In 2010, a Xuande blue and white cloud dragon pattern was sold in Baoli autumn of Beijing at 26.88 million yuan; After 2010, Xuande blue and white with a turnover of RMB 100 million also appeared several times in the auction market: for example, in the spring auction of Sotheby's in Hongkong in 2012, a high-end cup of mingxuande blue and white with a hidden flower in the sea was sold at a price of HK $110 million; on May 30, 2016, in the spring auction of Christie's in Hongkong, In the spring auction in May 2011 in the mainland, a Xuande blue and white dragon shaped vase with sea water and white dragon shaped patterns started with 80 million yuan. After dozens of rounds of auctions, it was finally sold with 224 million yuan, the highest price of Xuande blue and white porcelain so far.


此件藏品现在展卖于古玩行商城平台中,据持宝人介绍说,这件瓷碗是祖上传下来的。曾让专家老师鉴定过,绝世精品。在本公司得知其有这件罕见珍品,特邀其持这件瓷碗参加,现持宝人因资金周转困难原因。忍痛割爱愿将此件瓷碗委托本公司代其通过网络媒体进行寻找买家。如对此藏品有兴趣收藏者,可拨打企业联系电话:400 686 3616进行洽谈。

The collection is now displayed on the platform of antique shops. According to the owner, the porcelain bowl was uploaded by the ancestors. It has been appraised by experts and teachers. It's a masterpiece. The company learned that it had this rare treasure, and invited it to hold this porcelain bowl to participate. Now the owner of the treasure is due to the difficulty of capital turnover. We are willing to entrust this porcelain bowl to our company to search for buyers through Internet media. If you are interested in this collection, you can call 400 686 3616 for negotiation.