【藏品规格】直径:8.5cm 重300g

[collection Specification] diameter: 8.5cm, weight: 300g


[collection type]: fossil


[collection quantity]: one piece


It has been 4.6 billion years since the birth of the earth. In these billions of years, life on the earth has gradually evolved from a simple structure to a complex, species rich biota, and the earth has finally become a real life planet. It's only a few million years for human beings. According to the latest report released by the United Nations Environment Programme, there are about 8.7 million species of life on earth, including about 6.5 million species of terrestrial life and 2.2 million species of marine life. The reason why we know the existence of these animals is mainly based on the fossils excavated by archaeology. Archaeologists also reduce these animals by studying fossils. In the process, some amazing phenomena have been found.

化石是存留在古代地层中的古生物遗体、遗物或遗迹。化石可以分为四类:实体化石,遗迹化石,模铸化石,分子化石。生物分界一般以一 万年前为界限,-万年前的生物为古生物,一万年前以后的为现生生物。由于自然灾害, 如:火山爆发、泥石流等自然灾害瞬间将其掩埋隔离氧化形,化石中的古生物遗体、遗物或遗迹,从古时候到现在都有化石出现。

Fossils are the remains, remains or traces of ancient organisms in ancient strata. Fossils can be divided into four types: solid fossils, trace fossils, mold fossils and molecular fossils. Generally speaking, the boundary between organisms is ten thousand years ago. The organisms before - 10000 years are paleontology, and those after 10000 years are living organisms. Due to natural disasters, such as volcanic eruption, debris flow and other natural disasters, they are buried and isolated in an instant. Fossils have been found in fossils from ancient times to present.

这是一块罕见的完整的化石,直径:8.5cm 重300g自然形成的浑然天功,形态痕迹清晰可见,化石神态栩栩如生,能够自然形成如此完整,并且能够经过上万年保存如此完整的化石实在不多见,被掩埋上亿年,骨骼化石已经与周围的岩石互相渗透,骨肉相连了,被染成了岩石同样的颜色,岩石和化石也已融为一体,挖出此化石,是将包裹着化石的岩石一同打包挖出。以最大程度保证其完整性。

This is a rare complete fossil with a diameter of 8.5cm Hunran Tiangong, which weighs 300g, is formed naturally. The trace of its shape is clear and the appearance of fossils is lifelike. It is rare that such complete fossils can be formed naturally and can be preserved for tens of thousands of years. After being buried for hundreds of millions of years, the bone fossils have penetrated into the surrounding rocks and have been dyed into the same color as the rocks As a whole, to dig out this fossil is to pack up and dig out the rocks wrapped with fossils. To ensure its integrity to the maximum extent.


In the collection industry, the general collection is porcelain, jade, antiques and other things related to their own culture, there are also some unique medicinal value of the goods. In recent years, as a witness of history, the oldest fossils have also entered the view of collectors. With the active collection market, these fossils are not only physical evidence in the field of scientific research, but also have become a kind of geological tourism resources and tourism commodity resources with high aesthetic appreciation value and collection value. Therefore, the field of fossil collection is derived, and the fossil collection craze appears. Fossils have extremely high research value, and are also pursued by collectors all over the world. The value of fossils is comparable to that of gold. Folk collectors have a deep passion for owning a fossil. From the perspective of some trade fairs in recent years, fossils have appeared frequently with good trading volume and transaction amount, which is enough to show that fossils have begun to emerge in the market, and the value of fossil market is constantly rising, and it has been popular all the way.


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